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Threes a crowd

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Summer Breezes

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Mo' Better Blues

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Blues Traveler


        Curiosity.  That’s what first started my obsession with wood carving.  I was still in high school and carved an army boot from a piece of basswood with a carving knife supplied by the school.  As the carving progressed, I was driven to try and make it more and more realistic, eventually even adding eyelets and little leather laces.  Since then wood carving and sculpting has been a passion and obsession.
Sometimes, the piece of wood inspires the subject and screams out to me what it should become.  Other times, I have to hunt down the perfect piece for the image I have in mind.  I find it both relaxing and a challenge.  Just me, the wood, and the image it will become, in our own little world.
       I enjoy doing either three-dimensional or high relief carvings.  I’ve carved in many different woods, from Basswood to Black Walnut.  For its sheer beauty and ease of carving, Hounduran Mahogany is my favorite.  My wood sculptures and carvings are all personally hand crafted using wood chisels and power carving tools.  My love of nature often influences my own designs, but the subject matter for my works is limited only by my imagination

These Sculptures are large and heavy, they average 4.5 to over 5 feet tall, 2 feet wide and 2.5 inches thick..

(Black Walnut & Mahogany) 

© 2018 by Tony Williams.

"No trees were harmed in the making of this Site"

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