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Living the dream ...

        Please take a moment or two to explore my site where you’ll learn more about my works and the inlay process.  On my portfolio page you can see individual pieces and collections that are available, as well as many that were commissioned or have found homes.   It’s been a life-long journey. Please enjoy my obsession.

     Working with wood has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As a child I used to watch my father tinker around in his little shop in the basement of our North Philadelphia home.  That interest followed me all through life.
     As a young man, my love of woodworking intensified as I learned to carve and began to realize that there was more to woodworking than just four-leg Oak or Maple tables.                  During my travels in the military, I discovered that there were hundreds of woods from all over the world in scores of brilliant colors.  I was awed by the vibrant red of a South American Red heart tree, the jet black Ebony tree in India, and the stunning snake skin appearance of Australian Lacewood.

     Hooked beyond return, my goal then became to put my hands on as many of those exotic woods as I could.  I wanted to carve them, build with them, and moreover, I wanted to paint with them.  I select most of my wood because of it’s beauty, the specific project is irrelevant.  "I let the wood choose me".  I spend hours at lumber yards looking for the right exotic woods.

    I make furniture to use as the canvas for the solid wood inlays I create, or to showcase the exotic woods I use. I create images without using stains or paints.  Instead, I use the natural colors and grain of these exotic woods.  Embedding these images into furniture results in a piece that is as functional as it is beautiful.  As a result, often my works are termed as "Functional Art Furniture".

      In addition to my Functional Art Furniture, I also carve Wood Sculptures.  I prefer a natural finish as it reveals the sheer beauty of the Honduran Mahogany that I often use for my three-dimensional and high relief carvings.  I’ve also incorporated high relief carvings into some of my art furniture pieces.

The subject matter for my works is varied and limited only by your imagination.  As can be seen in the Grand Teton Collection, when creating my own designs I often choose wild life as the subject matter for my pieces. 

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